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Academic Outreach Continues Its Quest to Inform Schools of Opportunities!


(November 24, 2010) Despite their familiarity with technology, many high school students haven’t had much experience with teleconferencing, but 60 students at Riverdale High School had the chance to see firsthand what goes on behind the scenes when Academic Outreach facilitated a career exploration session with students at six high schools.

The Jefferson Parish Public School System’s technology team set up and managed the technical end of the teleconference at Riverdale. In all, 175 ninth- through twelfth-grade students attended the teleconference. In addition to Riverdale, participating schools were Grand Isle High School, West Jefferson High School, Patrick F. Taylor Science and Technology Academy, Bonnabel Magnet Academy, and Grace King High School.

Academic Outreach enlisted six Ochsner staff members from Human Resources, the Respiratory Care Program, Molecular Cardiology Research, Surgery, the Radiologic Technology Program, and Knowledge Management to discuss their education and career paths and to answer questions from students at the six schools.

The students’ questions included educational requirements, career planning strategies, and effective job applications:

“Can you offer some hints on writing a resume that a potential employer would find attractive?”

“How long did it take you to get your training?”

“Does Ochsner offer any job shadows?”

“Which college courses should I take [if I’m interested in your field]?”

“Do you have to go through board certifications every couple of years?”

“Does Ochsner use a lot of nurse practitioners and physician assistants?”

“As an LPN, do you get to travel?”

And these are just a few of the questions that Ochsner staff answered for this group of career-minded students.

Academic Outreach thanks the staff members who participated in this Outreach coordination: Mary Chadwick Simpson, Mary LaBiche, Daniel Lightell, Jr., Angela Orgeron, Chimene Pitre, and Allison Sharai. 


11-24 JPPSS

Angela Orgeron, Chimene Pitre, Mary LaBiche, Mary Chadwick Simpson, Daniel Lightell Jr., Allison F. Sharai and Betsy Almerico (JPPSS).




11-24 JPPSS 3

Angela Orgeron speaks about life as an RN in Surgery.


Academic Outreach serves the community and maintains Ochsner’s position as a national academic leader by supporting educational development, providing unique academic resources, and connecting students and teachers with innovative academic opportunities.


11/24 JPPSS5

 Mary LaBiche gives Riverdale students the opportunity to learn and inquire about Ochsner's Respiratory Care program. 

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