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St. Edward the Confessor Visits the iLab

(March 1, 2012) On two science-filled days in February, Academic Community Outreach hosted 56 St. Edward the Confessor students in the iLab for the “Bubble Gum Mystery” experiment. The middle school students took a dive into the world of genetics.

To set up the genetic experiment, students heard the following scenario: Last week, your teacher sat down on a chewed piece of gum that had been placed on her desk chair. The gum ruined her dress. She wants to find out who put the gum on the chair. She suspects that the culprit is one of the class’s three gum chewers and called the iLab to ask if the staff could help her identify the offender.

As part of the experiment, the students learned the history and various uses of DNA analysis. The students conducted their analyses on DNA samples provided by the Research staff. At the conclusion of the experiment, all the students received certificates acknowledging them as honorary DNA scientists.

St. Edward’s teacher Jim Klein stated, “Your program gave the students the opportunity to see how science really works! The staff did an excellent job. They were kind, informative, helpful, and very supportive. Middle school students can be hard to entertain at times, but they certainly enjoyed this experience!"

For more information about Academic Community Outreach programs, click to the Outreach website, call the Outreach office at 504-842-3237, or email EducationOutreach@ochsner.org.

Academic Community Outreach is a service of the Academic Division’s Center for Knowledge Management

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