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Academic Outreach Patrick Taylor 2012 Career Day

(March 22, 2012) On March 20, 2012, Ochsner Academic Outreach coordinated the participation of 6 Ochsner staff members in the Patrick Taylor Science & Technology Academy annual Career Day. Career Day helps guide students by providing information about careers they are interested in pursuing upon graduation. Each student rotated to 3 different career sessions of their choice and learned about educational requirements, “a day in the life,” salary, benefits, and more. Many of the students were eager to learn about various topics and career fields in healthcare including sports medicine, nursing, allied health professions, medicine, graphic design, physical therapy and occupational therapy.

Academic Outreach thanks Graylin Jacobs and Dan Doucet – Sports Medicine, Carl Tholen – Allied Health Professions, Dr. Kevin Conrad – Physician, Jennifer Zamjahn – Physical Therapy, and Alison Atkins – Occupational Therapy for providing these students with vital career information.

For more information about Academic Outreach at Ochsner or to get involved, contact the Academic Outreach office at 504-842-5321, email EducationOutreach@ochsner.org, or visit the Academic Outreach website.

Academic Outreach is a service of the Knowledge Management Department in the Academic Division.

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