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STAR – Week 4

(July 9, 2012) With only two weeks of the STAR program to go, the students are ready to finish strong. This week’s highlight was undoubtedly the surgical rotation when the students witnessed a surgery performed with the state-of-the-art DaVinci robot. The students then had the opportunity to practice with the robot and hone their own surgical skills.

In addition to surgery, the STAR students had various clinical and nonclinical rotations during week 4, including a visit to the blood bank/collection center, cardiology luncheon, instruction in bedside manners and interview skills, lab research, and a clinical skills training introduction. During the skills training introduction, the students learned how to tie sutures, take a patient’s history, perform basic airway management, take patient vitals, and perform basic phlebotomy.

Thank you to all of the faculty who participated with the STAR students: Ken Detiveaux/Judy Valenza (blood bank), Dr. Hector Ventura (cardiology), Dr. Maureen Shuh (transplant research), Dr. Kevin Conrad (hospital medicine), Karen Judlin (Organizational Development), and Ochsner Clinical School/The University of Queensland students Kathryn Vreeland, Jonathan Tran, Jose Feliberti, Thekla Bacharach, and Andrey Pavlov.

Every week, the STAR students construct a weekly newsletter to highlight their experience. Please check it out at www.ochsner.org/star.

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Star Week 4 2012

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