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Brownie Girl Scouts Earn their Home Scientist Badges at Ochsner

(April 22, 2013) On Saturday, April 13, 2013, Academic Community Outreach hosted the fourth annual Brownies Science in Action! Day at OMC - Kenner. A total of 51 Brownie Girl Scouts from Troop 30254 in Slidell, Troop 40158 in Chalmette, Troop 40207 in Belle Chasse, Troop 40227 in Metairie, Troop 40318 in Metairie, Troop 40418 in Gretna, and Troop 42112 in Metairie came to Ochsner to earn their Home Scientist Badges.

The theme for this year’s event was NOLA Sports. With the help of 17 fantastic Ochsner employee volunteers, all 51 girls feverishly completed a Saints scavenger hunt to kick off the day. The Brownies then split into groups to complete 4 science experiments—taught by Ochsner volunteers—and complete their science activity books.

Itty Bitty Basketball: Fulfilling the Girl Scouts goal of teaching Brownies how to be chemists in their own homes, the experiment leaders showed each girl how to combine glue, cornstarch, water, and borax (a detergent additive) to make their own bouncy balls.

A Colorful Race to the Finish: To show the girls that everything around us involves science, experiment leaders had each girl use hairdryers to melt crayons on canvas boards. The science experiment-art project hybrid included a discussion of liquids, solids, and changes in states of matter and everyone had a great time turning science into artwork to hang on their walls!

Concession Stand Density: A key component of early science education and the Home Scientist Badge is learning how density works. While most children’s experiments focus on putting different solids into liquids, Ochsner volunteer leaders taught the Brownies how to change the density of water with salt and to see the separation inside clear straws using food coloring.

Electrify the Crowd! Brownies thoroughly enjoyed playing with balloons and gelatin while learning the basic principles of static electricity. Through creating static electricity on a balloon and watching the reaction of flavored and unflavored gelatins (and their hair) to it, the girls learned about atoms, electrons, and magnets.

Each experiment aimed to show each girl that science can be fun while fulfilling Girl Scouts badge requirements, complementing state science curriculum standards in schools, and requiring critical thinking and use of the scientific method.

Academic Community Outreach would like to thank the Ochsner employees who volunteered their time to help make this event a special one. These volunteers not only taught the written experiments and concepts but adapted them to each girl for maximum benefit. Ochsner volunteers included Marianna Alexander, Erin Arceneaux, Shenessa Avila, Tori Chatman, Mary Emmons, Judith Gardner, Terri Hartung, Kerry Lamare, Lynn Lancaster, Jennifer Mayeaux, Jennifer Melton, Stacy Mezera, Wendy Morrison, Suzette Naquin, Raylene Vasquez, Julia Williamson, and Angela Young. Special thanks to Nancy St. Germain and Erin Wilson of OMC-Kenner for their work on planning and coordination.

Learn more about Girl Scouts events at Ochsner by visiting the Ochsner Girl Scouts page.


For more information about Academic Community Outreach at Ochsner, contact Allison Sharai or Neill Aguiluz at 504-842-3237 or visit the Academic Outreach page
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