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UQ-OCS Graduates 29 New Physicians

(November 25, 2013) Ochsner Health System and The University of Queensland (UQ) hosted a culmination celebration on Sunday, November 17, at the Audubon Tea Room for 29 program graduates—the second class of new physicians to complete the UQ-Ochsner Clinical School program since it began in January 2009.

Dr. William Pinsky, Professor and Head of the Ochsner Clinical School and Ochsner Health System Executive Vice-President and Chief Academic Officer, welcomed the graduates and guests to the ceremony. “Today we celebrate the commitment and achievements of our students and recognize our dedicated teaching faculty and administration for fostering an outstanding educational environment for the development of our future physician leaders,” Dr. Pinsky said.

Joining Dr. Pinksy at the culmination ceremony were Deputy Head of School Professor Mieke van Driel from Australia who represented The University of Queensland School of Medicine, and keynote speaker Warner Thomas, Ochsner Health System Chief Executive Officer.

In his keynote, Thomas emphasized the primacy of patient care and discussed Ochsner’s commitment to education and to providing the highest quality care for every patient. He charged the graduates to rise to the expectations and responsibilities of their chosen profession:

“You will be looked to as leaders in your communities, and you have to take this responsibility seriously. In the hospital, nurses, staff, and administrators will listen to what you have to say. Your words will bring comfort to anxious families and carry great weight with the patients you care for. People will look to you for answers because they know that becoming a doctor requires intellect, determination, self discipline, and drive. You’ve picked a profession of service and honor, but also one that demands perfection and rigor.”

Thomas congratulated the class and looked to the future of the program:

“As the second class of UQ-Ochsner Clinical School students, you are helping make history. You are at the foundation of a new tradition and you are ambassadors for this unique program. As the President and CEO of Ochsner, I am extremely proud to have you as our representatives to the medical community. Working with our partners in Australia, we will continue to attract bright minds from across the country and even beyond our national borders to train and maybe stay here.”

Professor Darrell Crawford, Head of the School of Medicine at The University of Queensland, addressed the gathering via video feed.

The ceremony included the presentation of two awards. Associate Professor Leo Seoane, MD, Senior Deputy Head of the UQ-Ochsner Clinical School, presented the 2013 Outstanding Teacher Award to Pulmonologist Surma Jain, MD. The medical students nominated 12 faculty members for the award, and Dr. Jain received the honor.

William Davis, MD, Program Director of the Ochsner Internal Medicine Residency, UQ-Ochsner Clinical School Associate Professor, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Tulane, and Governor of the American College of Physicians Louisiana Chapter, presented the American College of Physicians Internal Medicine Excellence Award to student Sherif Michael. Developed by the Louisiana Chapter of the American College of Physicians, the award recognizes graduating medical students who demonstrate strong interest and exceptional performance in internal medicine. One student is selected by the faculty of each medical school to receive a $500 check from the American College of Physicians. Michael participated in a number of research projects at Ochsner and earned the highest combined grade point average in the core rotations of General Practice and Medicine.

To close the celebration, Dr. Pinsky led the 29 graduates in the recitation of the Hippocratic Oath, marking their official entry into the medical profession as physicians.

These new doctors have interviews for their postgraduate training scheduled across the country at prestigious institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, Yale, Johns Hopkins, Duke, Wayne State, Case Western, Virginia Commonwealth University, Dartmouth, and New York Medical College in a variety of specialties including Surgery, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology, Radiology, and Internal Medicine.

Congratulation to the 2013 UQ-OCS graduates!
Thekla Bacharach
Theodor Mihai Borgovan
Elizabeth Whitney Brawner
David Charles Briski
Cindy Cheung
Asia Day Downing
Tim Durel
Imran Ahmed Faruqi
José Rosa Feliberti
Alexander Jan Geiseler
Erik Mikael Helander
Daniel Matthew Henbest
Elizabeth Hines
C’havala Ruth Jones Jaramillo
Miles Landry
Daniel Lemor
Jennifer Gee Yuen Lee
Steven Tsz King Leung
Jeffrey Bruce Levine
Marilyn Kristel Marshall
Sherif Michael
Dara Mitchell
Mikala Keisha Pacifique
Andrey A. Pavlov, Jr.
David Philip Pinckney
Justine Chen-Ya Shaw
Sanbir Singh Sidhu
Tigue Jared Tozer
Jonathan Hoang Tran 

UQ-OCS Graduates 29 New Physicians - students and faculty
 The University of Queensland-Ochsner Clinical School faculty and students, along with distinguished guests, at the culmination ceremony for the second class on November 17, 2013.

Faculty and guests (front row, from left): Dr. William Davis, Dr. Jeff Baker, Dr. Julia Garcia-Diaz, Dr. Michael White, Dr. Steven Granier, Dr. Raj Warrier, Dr. William Pinsky, Warner Thomas, Dr. Mieke van Driel, Dr. Richard Deichmann, Dr. Leo Seoane, Dr. Yvens Laborde, Dr. Charles Kantrow, Dr. Tamara Webb-Detiege, Dr. G. Todd Denton, Dr. Jawed Alam, Dr. Ralph Corsetti, and Dr. Surma Jain.

Graduates (back row, from left): Dr. Whitney Brawner, Dr. Jeffrey Levine, Dr. Miles Landry, Dr. Theo Borgovan, Dr. Thekla Bacharach, Dr. Alexander Geiseler, Dr. Sanbir Sidhu, Dr. Daniel Henbest, Dr. Sherif Michael, Dr. Dara Mitchell, Dr. Asia Downing, Dr. Timothy Durel, Dr. Eric Helander, Dr. David Briski, Dr. Jennifer Lee, Dr. Mikala Pacifique, Dr. Daniel Lemor, Dr. Imran Faruqi, Dr. Justine Shaw, Dr. Andrew Pavlov, Jr., Dr. Jose Feliberti, Dr. David Pinckney, Dr. Marilyn Marshall, Dr. Steven Leung, Dr. Tigue Tozer, and Dr. Jonathan Tran. (Not pictured: Dr. Cindy Cheung, Dr. Elizabeth Hines, Dr. C’havala Jaramillo) 

 UQ-OCS Graduates 29 New Physicians - jain award2

Dr. Leo Seoane presents the 2013 Teacher of the Year Award to UQ-OCS faculty member Dr. Surma Jain.


 UQ-OCS Graduates 29 New Physicians - michael award

Dr. William Davis presents the American College of Physicians Internal Medicine Excellence Award to UQ-OCS graduate Sherif Michael.


UQ-OCS Graduates 29 New Physicians - crowd at tea room
 Family and friends of the UQ-OCS graduates filled the Audubon Tea Room on Sunday, November 17, for the medical students’ culmination ceremony.


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