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Clinical Trial Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Clinical Trial the Right Choice for Me?

Blue ArrowWhat is a clinical trial?

Blue ArrowWhy are clinical trials done?

Blue ArrowWho participates in clinical trials?

Blue ArrowAre there benefits?

Blue ArrowAre there risks?

Blue ArrowWho looks out for me?

The Language of Clinical Trials

Blue ArrowWhat does the “phase” of the clinical trial mean?

Blue ArrowWho are the study staff?

Blue ArrowWho is the sponsor?

Blue ArrowWhat is a protocol?

Blue ArrowWhat is informed consent?

Blue ArrowWhat does randomization mean?

Blue ArrowWhat is a placebo?

Blue ArrowWhat is the placebo effect?

Blue ArrowWhy is there a control group?

Blue ArrowWhat is a blind trial?

Request Trial Information

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