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Dr. Rao Small
Abdul "Sohail" Rao, MD,
  MA, DPhil
System Vice President
  for Research, Ochsner
  Health System
Vice President (Middle
  Eastern Region), Ochsner
Professor & Deputy Head
   - Research
  Ochsner Clinical School
   - University of Queensland
Abbreviated Bio - Rao 
Curriculum Vitae - Rao

Thank you for choosing Ochsner and for taking the time to
learn about the research enterprise at Ochsner  Health
System. My Research Team and I are fully committed to
the mission of not only meeting your healthcare needs, but
exceeding your expectations regarding how patient care
can reach new heights locally, regionally and nationally via
innovation and research. I welcome you to become our
partner in this endeavor if you are a medical professional,
a student, a patient, a visitor, or a member of our community.

As the newly appointed System Vice President for Research,
I bring nearly 20 years of experience to Ochsner’s dedicated
group of research experts. I look forward to further developing
and integrating research initiatives at our facilities across the
system to ensure that you consistently receive the
cutting-edge patient care that you have come to expect.

Again, thank you for trusting and choosing Ochsner, where
providing you “Healthcare with Peace of Mind” is our ultimate goal.


To integrate research with outstanding patient care and impart quality education and training to students, professionals, and members of our community.


To work as partners with healthcare professionals, students, and the communities we serve in the mutual pursuit of a new standard of medical care that is driven by innovation, new technologies, and discovery.

Research at Ochsner

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